“Blade Devil: Ghosts of the Past” brings manga-inspired ultra violence to Indiegogo in 2020

YouTube personality Raging Golden Eagle is making the jump into comic book creation with Blade Devil: Ghosts of the Past, a new graphic novel about a warrior named Barrel Shota who “sacrifices her humanity to save her sister’s soul.” If you’re a fan of the ultra violence and manga-style art, Blade Devil looks to be right up your alley.

Here’s the pitch taken from the Blade Devil pre-launch page on Indiegogo:

Making Entertainment Entertaining Again!

For the longest time, western media has focused more on pushing an agenda than giving customers a product they would actually want to spend money on. We plan to fix that. All the action and fanservice you’ve been missing, crammed into one book!

Say goodbye to tumblr tier art and “plot”!

With art this good, my job is easy. I don’t even have to say anything, it sells itself! But we don’t skimp on the story either. Ashyara fights to protect what she loves, not to torment her enemies.

Mr. R.G. Eagle intends to launch a crowdfunding campaign for Blade Devil via Indiegogo later in 2020. While we all wait for the campaign to launch, you can check out some sample artwork below or sign up for email updates here.

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