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Manga-Inspired “Blade Devil” is Tearing It Up on Indiegogo; passes $50k threshold on day one

We didn’t see this coming… Sure, we thought Blade Devil was a slick looking book when we previewed it in February. We also knew that the book’s creator, Raging Golden Eagle, has maintained an entertaining YouTube channel with a dedicated fan base for years. But did we expect the Blade Devil crowdfunding campaign to reach this level of breakout success,

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“Blade Devil: Ghosts of the Past” brings manga-inspired ultra violence to Indiegogo in 2020

YouTube personality Raging Golden Eagle is making the jump into comic book creation with Blade Devil: Ghosts of the Past, a new graphic novel about a warrior named Barrel Shota who “sacrifices her humanity to save her sister’s soul.” If you’re a fan of the ultra violence and manga-style art, Blade Devil looks to be right up your alley. Here’s

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