The third issue of Rob Arnold’s “Replicator” adds artist William War Reyes

The Replicator Remastered crowdfunding campaign is still rockin’ and rollin’ on Indiegogo, but Replicator creator Robert Arnold is already laying the groundwork for the next installment of the series.

In a recent backer update, Arnold announced that artist William War Reyes is joining the Replicator 3 team as the book’s illustrator. Here’s what Reyes has to say about the Replicator project:

“…the book is AWESOME!! I love the story and the interior art!… I’m very inspired by it… I will try and imitate it a little bit as homage and continuity of the book.”

You can still back the Replicator Remastered Indiegogo campaign (where you can pick up issues 1&2) here.

Reyes’ take on “Replicator” characters Ghost and The Reaper

Another sample of Reyes’ artwork

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