Comic book pioneer Allen Bellman passes away

Golden Age comic book artist Allen Bellman has passed away. He was 95 years old.

Bellman worked as an artist at Timely and Atlas before the company eventually became Marvel Comics. During his career, Bellman worked on some enduring superhero icons including Captain America, The Human Torch, and Sub Mariner Comics. Bellman also worked on Westerns, jungle adventures, mysteries, and war comics.

Here’s Bellman’s own bio taken from his personal website:

“I was born in Manhattan and studied at the High School of Industrial Arts. I eventually became a staff artist at Timely during the Golden Age of comics. While still a teenager, I did the backgrounds for Syd Shores’ Captain America in 1942, and eventually worked on titles such as: The Patriot, The Destroyer, The Human Torch, Jap Buster Johnson and Jet Dixon of the Space Squadron, All Winners Comics, Marvel Mystery, Sub Mariner Comics, Young Allies and so much more.

“My self-created back-up crime feature Let’s Play Detective. I also contributed to pre-Code horror, crime, war and western tales for Atlas. I worked in the comics field until the early 1950s.

“After 18 years I moved down here to South Florida where I joined the art department of a major daily newspaper, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel. After that I went into photography. I won many nationwide photography contests, winning out more than 20,000 entries. Hundreds of my photos have appeared in hardcover books, have been on exhibit in museums in Florida and received great reviews in numerous newspapers.”

In recent years, Bellman maintained a website chronicling the history of Timely Comics. He also stayed close to the modern comic industry by continuing to accept art commission requests and attending comic book conventions.

We would like to extend our condolences to Bellman’s family, friends and fans.



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