Rune Cutter Comics’ “Butch Cleaver” Aims to Achieve Maximum Cleavage on Indiegogo

The minds at Rune Cutter Comics are prepping a crowdfunding campaign for Butch Cleaver (porno parody name: Bitch Cleavage) for a spring or summer launch on Indiegogo. Butch Cleaver is a supernatural revenge tale starring an undead butcher and his bovine BFF.

Here’s the story synopsis taken from the Butch Cleaver Indiegogo pre-launch page:

A brutal butcher is resurrected by a voodoo hex and granted the power to control and weaponize bone on a molecular level. Butch tries to use said power to avenge his murder, discover the ringleader responsible for his death and to find redemption in the gothic western town of Oubliette.

Interested? Spring is right around the corner and summer is quickly coming up the rear, so while we wait, check out some sample artwork below or sign up for email updates on the book’s Indiegogo pre-launch page here.

I’m a poet & I didn’t even realize this to be the case!

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