Richard C. Meyer launches surprise campaign for coronavirus-inspired comic “PANdemIC”

Well, this came out of frickin’ nowhere…

On Wednesday, independent comic book creator Richard C. Meyer (Jawbreakers, The Expendables Go to Hell) launched a surprise crowdfunding campaign for PANdemIC, a new thriller graphic novel “ripped from the headlines!” (Kill me)

Written by Meyer and featuring artwork by Renzo Rodriguez (Desolation Wave), PANdemIC will be written as our own real-world struggle with the Novel Coronavirus/Wuhan Flu/COVID-19 (just pick a name already!) develops. When things change in our world, so too will the story of PANdemIC evolve. It’s a pretty innovative approach, and how the story ends is anyone’s guess. (I’m predicting that scores of millennials will ignore all “boomer” advice and inadvertently end up infecting and killing their grandmas)

Here’s the official plot synopsis taken from the PANdemIC Indiegogo campaign page:

This is one problem she CAN’T wash her hands of…

Not one to waste a perfectly good quarantine, out-of-work bartender CLARISSA BANKS ventures from her tiny Brooklyn apartment to the empty skyscrapers of Wall Street for a little Economic Re-Distribution.

A broad daylight heist with no security on-site…what could be easier?

But when she is surprised by an emergency board meeting, Clarissa learns EVERYTHING about the current pandemic!

Fleeing for her life, Clarissa must figure out a way to share what she has learned without being killed OR discredited.

All Clarissa wanted was a pocketful of petty cash and a few laptops to sell online. But now she’s the only person who can prevent BILLIONS of regular people from suffering and dying in the impending World-Wide Economic Collapse!

There’s only one single backing tier for the book itself (priced at $15). Why just one? Because capitalism, bitch. Even with just one tier, PANdemIC is already fully funded. Again, because capitalism, BITCH.

Can’t get enough of the “Commie cough”? Are you obsessed with the “Bat-Soup Sniffles?” Why not throw a few bucks Meyer’s way and have a fictional dramatization of your favorite plague delivered straight to your mailbox? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full PANdemIC Indiegogo page here. It’s not like you’re doing much of anything else, am I right?


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