Supernatural horror comic “Lylith & Mara” takes a hearty bite of crowdfunding cash

Late last week, Scattered Comics launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new supernatural horror book, Lylith & Mara. Written by Jason Dube and featuring artwork by Frederick Allison Jr., Lylith & Mara is a 32-page, mature-themed, one-shot story featuring characters from the Shadow Hunters comic series.

Here’s the official plot summary taken from the Lylith & Mara Indiegogo campaign page:

“LYLITH & MARA” are twin sisters and the original Vampire and Succubus from who all other vampire races were evolved from. Born and raised in “The Dark”, their destiny seemed clear cut until on the age of their “becoming” when something within them stirs. A conflict between power and desires struggles with a morality of a soul they didn’t realized existed.

Backers can get a digital version of Lylith & Mara for $5, while physical copies start at $15 (both versions include a digital wallpaper bonus). If you have extra cash to spend, there are also tiers which include additional copies of the book, variant cover editions, original art, and a bonus tie-in book titled Shadow Hunters and a second chance to pick up the first issue of Genesis.

At the time of this writing, the book has already surpassed more than 300% of it’s original funding goal. Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Lylith & Mara Indiegogo campaign page here.

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