Sean Gordon Murphy’s “The Plot Holes” raises $100k in first day on Indiegogo

On Friday, comic book creator Sean Gordon Murphy (Batman: White Knight) launched a crowdfunding campaign for The Plot Holes, an all-new 100-page graphic novel. The campaign is an overnight success, having already raised more than $100k.

Written and illustrated by Murphy and featuring colors by Matt Hollingsworth, The Plot Holes is a sci-fi adventure inspired by the work of Philip K. Dick. Here’s the official plot synopsis taken from The Plot Holes’ Indiegogo campaign page:

The Plot Holes are a squad of fictional warriors who transport themselves into the pages of other books, using their unique skills to save the plots in order to stop them from being destroyed. And Cliff is their newest recruit, a comic creator who’s just realized his world isn’t real—in fact, it’s a complete fiction that literally exists inside a novel. The other members are misfits like him, pulled from unpublished books that couldn’t be saved: a manga samurai, a barbarian tiger, a kid from a comic strip, and a vampire assassin. Outclassed by the other members, Cliff sets out to prove his worth to The Plot Holes as they fight to save as many books as possible. The only thing stopping them is Surge, an ex-member who’s gone rogue—not only is he threatening to destroy the digital matrix containing them, he threatens to destroy the database of digital libraries all over the world!

Backers can get a digital version of The Plot Holes for $10, while softcover physical copies start at $30 and a hardcover edition at $50. If you have more cash to spend, the are also tiers with extra copies of the book, a set of prints, and an oversized artist’s edition.

Interested? You can visit The Plot Holes Indiegogo campaign page here.

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