Chaotic Neutral Comics Taps Japanese Folklore for “Okuri-Inu: the Oni Within”

Chaotic Neutral Comics has recently started teasing its upcoming project Okuri-Inu: the Oni Within, with a crowdfunding campaign expected to launch soon via Indiegogo.

Written by Woodrow Lansdale and featuring illustrations by Bruce Patnaude (The Wreck) and colors by Andrew Pate, Okuri-Inu is an all-new graphic novel inspired by Japanese folklore. Here’s the story synopsis taken from the Okuri-Inu Indiegogo pre-launch page:

Okuri-Inu stalks the miasmic streets of a broken universe collecting dangerous bounties trying to hide from what was done to him. Until one day he’s presented with a bounty from his past he cannot refuse. Inu must decide if the safety of running is worth leaving the scars from the oni within unhealed

While we all wait for the Okuri-Inu campaign to launch, you can check out some sample artwork below or sign up for email updates on the project via the Indiegogo pre-launch page here.

Indiegogo-exclusive cover by Caanan White

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