Telepathic Cops Combat the Plague of Crime in Scout Comics’ “Concrete Jungle”

Publisher Scout Comics has announced that Concrete Jungle is coming to your local comic book shop this October. Written by Sheldon Allen (Crucified) and featuring illustrations by Karl Mostert (Dceased: Unkillables) and colors by Warnia Sahadewa (Wayfinder), Concrete Jungle is a sci-fi take on the 1980s cop drama, featuring hi-tech weapons and supernatural threats.

Here’s the official breakdown of the plot from Scout Comics:


The year is 1986. The streets of Atom City-Miami crawl with extra-terrestrials, robots, and genetic mutations. Crime is a plague. There are no good guys. There are no bad guys. There are only survivors. Welcome to the Jungle.

When a rogue telepath begins hijacking unsuspecting minds and bodies to commit vicious crimes, crooked Detective Annie Brunson is charged with cracking the case with her new straight laced telepathic partner, Faith Jones. Set among a backdrop of urban decay, exotic aliens, robots, and genetic mutations, Concrete Jungle is a science fiction police tale like no other, vividly brought to life by writer Sheldon Allen, burgeoning superstar artist Karl Mostert, letterer Matt Bowers, and colorist Warnia Sahadewa.

We got a chance to discuss Concrete Jungle with Scout Comics editor Dr. Andrea Molinari in this week’s episode of Sit Down Sunday, which you can watch below.

Interested? You can visit your local comic book shop today and use Previews order code AUG201568 to request a copy of Concrete Jungle #1 for yourself.

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