Gloriously Violent Masterpiece “Postal” Now 100% Free on GOG, Steam PC

Game developer Running With Scissors has announced that their gloriously violent game Postal is 100% free on both Steam and GOG. Not just temporarily, either- but free forever. Apparently Running With Scissors would prefer that you money on the 2016 re-release Postal Redux.

The pricing change actually went into effect in July, but in case you’re like us and this is the first time you’ve heard, now you can do a little dance and cap some bitches in the face!

Accurately described by Running With Scissors as “The game every gamer wanted… and no one else dared to make”, Postal was a controversial title when it was first released in 1997. The game remains banned in several markets, which is always the best reason to pick it up and play it for yourself.

Here’s the official description of Postal from the game’s GOG page:

Banned in over ten countries, realistic, non-stop-killing, action-strategy psychological thriller. No aliens, no mutants, no stupid quest for the dragon’s balls. Just good antisocial, psychotic shoot-’em-up action, strategy and government intervention.

Blast, maim and fire-bomb your way through 17 levels (plus 4 new levels and 24 new characters in the expansion pack). Exploit mass murder opportunities, mow down marching bands, spray protesters, charbroil whole towns. Enter multiplayer mode Go Postal with up to 15 other death row candidates.

  • Includes the original POSTAL and the Special Delivery Expansion Pack
  • A fast-paced, guns-blazing, mind-numbing isometric view killing spree
  • Look at the world through the eyes of a psycho!

Feeling the bloodlust? Head on over to Steam (here) or GOG (here) to partake in a bit of the ultra violence for yourself!

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