Riot Press’ “Johnny Phantasm 1985” Fully Funded in One Hour

On Sunday, Riot Press launched a crowdfunding campaign for Johnny Phantasm: 1985, a 48-page sequel to Johnny Phantasm in Tales of New Detroit 1977.* The campaign was an instant success, having achieved its funding goal in less than an hour.

Co-written by Evan Pozios (Time Grunts) and Dr. Andrea Molinari (The Shepherd) and featuring illustrations by Patrick Thomas Parnell (Sonic the Hedgehog), Johnny Phantasm is supernatural comic book featuring a mash-up of ghouls & gangsters. Here’s the official pitch taken from the Johnny Phantasm: 1985 Indiegogo campaign page.

In this 48 page GIANT comic book, Johnny Phantasm, demon mob boss, struggles to keep control of New Detroit… A city Johnny fought very hard to get under his control. Now in the year 1985, there is a bigger threat than ghosts, ghouls and gangsters…BIG government! Check out this beautifully illustrated book with art by Patrick Thomas Parnell and written by Evan Pozios (Time Grunts, Caliber Comics). Edited by Dr. Andrea Lorenzo Molinari (Scout Comics, Caliber Comics). 

If you love Halloween, if you love the 80’s and if you love comics…this is for you!

Backers can get a copy of Johnny Phantasm: 1985 for $15. If you have more cash to spend, you can also pick up quite a selection of swag, including additional copies of the book, a t-shirt, post cards, stickers, trading card, original artwork, and copies of the original 1977 books if you want to catch up.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Johnny Phantasm: 1985 Indiegogo campaign page here. You can also read our review of the first Johnny Phantasm story here.

*Disclosure: the author of this post has appeared multiple times on Patrick Thomas Parnell’s YouTube live-streams.


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