Paranormal Fantasy Comic “The Shepherd: The Valentine” Coming Soon to Indiegogo

On this week’s Sit-Down Sunday show, The Shepherd creator Dr. Andrea Molinari revealed that the next book in the series is inching ever closer. So close, in fact, that he has (finally) set up a pre-launch page on Indiegogo in preparation for the graphic novel’s crowdfunding campaign, which is expected to launch in the next couple of months.

The Valentine is the fourth story featuring The Shepherd character, and the first one being published by Scout Comics. But what’s it all about? Here’s the plot synopsis taken from The Shepherd: The Valentine‘s Indiegogo pre-launch page:


Dr. Lawrence Miller, aka, The Shepherd, is a spectral guide of lost souls in the afterlife. In The Valentine, Lexi and Nico, his children who are gifted with paranormal abilities, decide to help a young girl recover a Valentine’s Day card—left behind in the lair of a dangerous child kidnapper.

Dr. Molinari still has a few ducks to line up before launching the campaign. While we wait, you can check out some sample artwork below, or sign up for email updates at The Shepherd: The Valentine Indiegogo pre-launch page here. If you do choose to sign up and eventually back the project, you’ll receive a bonus The Shepherd lapel pin (lapel not included). Keen!



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