“Orwell’s Animal Farm” Coming to PC, Mobile in 2020; Will the Book’s Themes Be Kept Intact?

The Dairymen has announced that their narrative adventure game Orwell’s Animal Farm will be available sometime this Fall.

Based on George Orwell’s 1945 classic Animal Farm, this new narrative-based game looks to put players in control of Napoleon, the pig who goes from proletariat leader to brutal dictator over the span of the original story. Players will make decide how the business of the farm should be run, and presumably which comrades should be sent to the glue factory.

Here’s a brief description of the game from the Orwell’s Animal Farm Steam page:

Orwell’s Animal Farm is a narrative game based on George Orwell’s renowned satire of totalitarian regimes. Throw out exploitative farmers. Found a new Republic. Guide its leaders. All animals are equal. You decide which animals are most equal of all.

The original Animal Farm, as written by George Orwell, was inspired by the 1917 Russian Revolution and served as a satire of Marxism, particularly Soviet-style Communism.

While the game Orwell’s Animal Farm is being made with the George Orwell estate’s blessing, it’s not known whether the book’s criticism of left-wing totalitarianism will be respectfully translated. If one looks at the lead writer’s social media posts, you’ll find endorsements of messages to “abolish the police”, non-ironic complaints about “ableism” in gaming, support for ongoing unrest in Portland, and providing bail funds to those arrested during June’s widespread riots in the U.S. You can find similar posts on the game’s lead artist’s social media posts, too, though not quite as many. That considered, the likelihood that Orwell’s Animal Farm will faithfully recreate the book’s critiques of left-wing extremism seems pretty low, though it’s always a good rule-of-thumb to give the benefit of the doubt. However, if Animal Farm‘s themes matter to you, I think it’s safe to say “Wait for the reviews.”

Orwell’s Animal Farm is developed by Nerial and scheduled for release in Fall 2020 for Steam PC and mobile platforms.

Source: Niche Gamer

*Aaaand I got through with this entire post having mistakenly typed “Animal Crossing” only once!

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