Atari Historian Curt Vendel Passes Away at 53

Curt Vendel, Atari historian and founder of the Atari History Museum has passed away on 30 August at the age of 53.

Vendel’s passion for Atari began in his teenage years, when he collected games, engineering logs, schematics, drawings, and technical materials from former Atari employees. He was also known to have dug through the dumpsters at Atari’s California properties in search of discarded historical treasures.

In 1988, Vendel founded the Atari History Museum, which contains a massive archive of all things Atari. He also wrote Atari Inc.: Business is Fun alongside Marty Goldberg, and helped to make the first two iterations of the Atari Flashback console a reality.

Not only did Vendel’s work preserve a great deal of history from gaming’s early development, but dedication and enthusiasm helped bridged the gap between old school Atari fans and a new generation who are just now discovering the games of yesteryear.

Our condolences to Curt Vendel’s family, friends, and fans during this time.


Source: Vintage is the New Old

One comment

  • I received the Atari 2600 with a STACK of video games for Christmas when I was very young. To this day, its the greatest Christmas gift I ever received. I had so much fun on that system and it led to a life-long appreciate of video games. Very sad to hear this news. This was someone who clearly understood we were seeing something revolutionary when the Atari was launched. My condolences to his family and friends. Rest in peace.


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