Horror Graphic Novel “The Kill Journal” Launches this October via Indiegogo

“God has his Book of Life, and St. George has his Kill Journal.”

The comic creation team of Adam Lawson and Raymund Bermudez are prepping for their next project, The Kill Journal. Written by Lawson (The Eighth) and featuring artwork by Bermudez (Wolverine), The Kill Journal is a an 88-page horror graphic novel that will feature a unique, limited-edition leather cover.

But what’s the book about? Here’s the official plot synopsis taken from The Kill Journal‘s pre-launch page:

A tale of Revenants and the survivors who hunt them. Revenants are evil spirits back from the dead, wielding chainsaws and machetes, and their victims, the ones still alive, are taking a stand. Led by a half-mad preacher, they’re ridding the world of these monsters before they become one themselves.

The crowdfunding campaign for The Kill Journal is currently scheduled to launch this October via Indiegogo. While we all wait, you can check out some sample artwork below or visit The Kill Journal‘s pre-launch page here.

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