Comics Legend Graham Nolan Launches “31 Days of Monsters” (Festival of Dread Special)

Sure, The Splintering has our Festival of Dread running through the month, but our creative elders have been celebrating October in unique ways for far longer than us.

Enter revered comic book creator Graham Nolan (Batman, The Chenoo), who has marked the occasion for eight straight years with the 31 Days of Monsters. This year, Nolan will livestream himself drawing a different monster from pop culture every day of the month, starting with Count Dracula on 1 October. Each livestream will include not just watching an artistic master practice his craft, but Nolan will also discuss each creature’s history, show clips from films featuring each monster, and engage with the viewers in the livestream chat.

Here’s how Nolan himself describes the 31 Days of Monsters event:

If you follow me on Facebook you know that for the last 8 years or so, on October 1st, I begin a 31 DAYS OF MONSTERS post. This year will be different because the 31 DAYS OF MONSTERS will be STREAMED on Facebook and YouTube! I will be able to share images, clips and tell you bit about the movie, the monster in it and some backstory that I think you will find interesting. If you don’t have one, open up a YouTube account (it’s FREE) and SUBSCRIBE to my channel (also FREE) so you don’t miss out on this and…

…the monster stream is setting me up for a weekly show I will be streaming starting in November called: THE STORYTELLERS. I will be exploring and deconstructing storytelling in visual mediums and interviewing legendary writers, artists, and cartoonists. There is so much bad storytelling out there today, I think this will be an eyeopener for those wanting to tell visual stories and for those that enjoy reading them. So again, please subscribe to my channel so we can get as many people on board before it’s launch.

Sound like a ghoulishly good time? You can check out Graham Nolan’s YouTube channel here.

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