JP Plack Wants Horror Fans to Learn “How to Die”

Earlier this week, independent comic book creator Joshua “JP” Plack launched a crowdfunding campaign for the first issue of How to Die, a new black and white horror story written by Plack and featuring illustrations by Bogdan Ristea.

Here’s the official breakdown of How to Die from the project’s Indiegogo campaign page:

The Lore

Since the onset of life it has thrived upon the back of one simple axiom; so shall needs grow so too will life’s ability to meet them. But man is not a finch reaching for nectar and dancing along driftwood on teeming shores. Man is not happy to live out an adequate existence with all of his needs met.

Man needs struggle, and if he can’t find war he will make it within himself.

It is 2020 and there is little that mankind truly strives for. With nothing for his evolutionary make-up to fight against it collapses in on itself. The need for need becomes the need.

Survival of the fittest is erased as the strong still wrestle with carving meaning from existence. So in this new struggle, only the very worst among us will thrive.

Story: A Pathetic Man

Bishop’s murder is coming, the moment draws closer like darkness swallowing the horizon. He manages a video store, screws, eats take-out and watches movies. He is treading water, going perfectly nowhere, and clinging to what can barely be called life.

He knows this, so when the hull of this lifestyle is breached by looming unemployment, he chooses to accelerate his demise, steering into failure rather than correcting course.

To Bishop, anything would be better than to carry on like this. Little does he know that at the bottom of his descent awaits something far worse than piles of overdue bills or even the prospect of homelessness. Beyond his most terrible imaginings, his failures make him floating prey for the Black Ice, a remorseless superhuman being that skims the surface of mankind, shearing it for the betterment of the herd. His murder is coming and he will only survive if he learns how to die.

Birth of the Black Ice

Anthony is just a boy going hunting with his father, being awakened before dawn, wiping the sleep from his eyes as he climbs into his father’s pickup, stopping for a chocolate milk and a coffee. But they aren’t tracking a stout buck in the dew-glistened dawn, their prey is man. Those pathetic creatures amongst us that dangle perilously from the lowest rungs of society.

The hunt is a lesson in thinning the herd for our benefit, a skill passed down from father to son, the learning of a trade weaved through the family for generations.

But this generation will bring something new, a child nurtured in unimaginable pain that burns like a soul on fire. His hunting will be like no other when he uncovers the power that lurks in the depravity of man and he is reborn as the Black Ice.

Backers can get a physical copy of How to Die for $15, while a digital bundle including How to Die and both issues of Plack’s previous story EUDAIMONIA for $10. For those with more cash to spend, you can also pick up multiple copies of the book, a variant cover, signed copies, t-shirts, and physical editions of EUDAIMONIA 1&2.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full How to Die Indiegogo campaign page here.

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