Supernatural Horror Visual Novel “Iwaihime” Coming West in October

Publisher ShiraVN and developer DMM Games have announced that Iwaihime will receive an English-language release on 23 October via both Steam and Johren.

Iwaihime is a supernatural horror visual novel originally released for PC in January 2016 in Japan, though an updated version titled Iwaihime: Matsuri was released for PS4 and PS Vita in July 2017. The Matsuri edition included both additional and rewritten scenarios and revamped graphics, though it was still only available in Japanese. This new international release of Iwaihime will include all of the new and revised content of Iwaihime: Matsuri.

Here’s the official breakdown of the game from the Iwaihime Steam page:

I envy you the privilege of dying. Curse your powerlessness, and leave us.

From the pen of hit writer Ryukishi07, the creator of When They Cry, comes a story on the theme of “curses.”

Characters brought to life with delicate skill by manga artist and illustrator Kazuharu Kina are set against atmospheric backgrounds from the fantastic mind of environment artist Mocha.

This supernatural horror visual novel—a tale of sin, retribution, and penance—is available now for the first time outside Japan.

This new international release includes scenario adjustments and CG improvements from the prior console re-releases, bringing to PC the writer’s preferred rendition of the tale.


Each generation, the sons of the Susuhara family strike out on their own when they reach the right age.

Self-reliantly they refine their minds and their bodies, until at last point they become men. Suzumu has prepared for this day for a long time, learning the skills that he will need.

Living alone, he attends Susuda Prefectural High School. He should have joined as a freshman, and not as a transfer—but he was delayed.

His days are not only easy but pleasant. In his Class 2-A, everyone is having fun.But there’s her. Toé Kurokami. She’s… certainly a wonder. How else to describe her?

She never lets go of the Japanese doll that she hugs constantly to her chest. There are whispers that its hair grows when nobody is looking. That it’s cursed. It’s no wonder they whisper. That’s one creepy doll.

That Suzumu’s path crosses hers could be fate…

Could be? Not “could be.” It’s fate.

You can check out a free demo of Iwaihime on its Steam page here.

Source: Gematsu

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