Steam PC Release of “Metal Unit” Delayed Until January

2020 has claimed yet another casualty! Sort of….

Publisher NEOWIZ and developer JellySnow Studio have announced that their roguelite action-platformer Metal Unit has been delayed until January 2021.

Originally scheduled to launch before the end of December, the creators felt that Metal Unit needed more polish, tweaks, and additional content based on user feedback.

“How’d they get the user feedback if the game isn’t released yet, smart guy?” you may ask.

Because Metal Unit is currently via Steam Early Access, ya’ dinks!

In addition to the PC release in January, a Nintendo Switch port of Metal Unit is expected sometime in 2021, complete with additional content. What kind of additional content? Maybe Mario and mushroom hats or something, I dunno.

In Metal Unit, players control a young pilot named Joanna who operates a customizable M-Unit 11 battle suit to explore underground worlds to defeat an invading alien race.

Here’s the full breakdown of Metal Unit from the game’s Steam page:

Metal Unit tells a tragic story of human survivors and their battle against monsters and machines to regain control of their planet.

The Earth is under siege from all directions, with ancient beings emerging from underground and alien machines descending from space. The fate of the planet hangs in the balance, but you can help tilt the odds by playing as Joanna, a new soldier capable of wearing the powerful M-Unit suit. Follow Joanna on her epic journey to save humanity and get revenge on her traitorous sister that has taken up arms with the alien race.

Key Features:

Action-Packed Battle System – You can dash to evade enemies or go on the offensive and chain multiple weapon attacks together to perform devastating combos. The wide of range of melee and ranged weapons at your disposal also give you the ultimate flexibility to take out enemies any way you see fit.

Huge & Diverse Environments – You can choose to explore the sprawling surface of the planet or delve deep inside mysterious dungeons. Traveling around the world will progress the story, while going underground offers bigger rewards that may come at a heavy price…

Your Decisions Matter – The characters in Metal Unit will suffer through corruption, betrayal and death. But your decisions carry significant weight in key dialogues and certain actions during the game.

Roguelite Elements – Upon death the game will convert all equipped items into permanent research points. The points can then be used to unlock new items and skills. You will constantly receive weapons of varying utility and will need to adapt your strategy to match your current equipment.

Are you bummed about Metal Unit being delayed until next year? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Niche Gamer

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