Indiegogo Campaign for Sci-Fi Western Comic “ROBERT” Ends Successfully; Still Available In-Demand

Over the weekend, the crowdfunding campaign for ROBERT the Graphic Novel ended successfully, raising more than $3,600 at the time of this writing.

Written and illustrated by “Boogie Bot,” ROBERT combines sci-fi, steampunk, and western genres into one 60-page adventure.

But what is ROBERT about? Here’s the official plot synopsis taken from the ROBERT Indiegogo campaign page:

Y3K, a catastrophic event that nearly wiped out the population and fried all of earths technology. But, what if the robots, rebooted? Without purpose, without guidance, without laws. These automatons emerge and create a new world of their own design, humans are just living in it.

Almost 100 years since the devastating events of Y3K. Robert, Charles, and Eastwood are scavengers. Gutting and dismantling is a part of the job, but after scraping the wrong bots, the crew find themselves on the wrong end of a gun. Ramón, leader of the Western Bot Gang, has set out a bounty with a high price and has the gears to pay, to bring back Robert and his crew for crossing him. Alive or in Parts.

Bummed that you missed out on the crowdfunding period? Don’t beat yourself up. Like many other Indiegogo campaigns, ROBERT has temporarily transitioned to an in-demand store, so you can still buy into the ROBERT project for a limited time.

Backers can get a signed copy of ROBERT for $25. If you have extra cash to spend, you can also pick up multiple copies of the book, original art, and a black and white version of the book.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full ROBERT Indiegogo in-demand page here.

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