‘Tis Peace on Earth, “Pluto” Style (Jolly Jinglings Special)

Life in 2020 has been hard for everyone, but there are life lessons to be found in chaos. What life lesson we can learn from Pluto today? The answer is peace on earth, stop the hatred, care about the world and the people.

I have always loved robots since I was little, and love detective mysteries as an adult; Pluto by Naoki Urasawa (浦沢 直樹) hits both of my “cup of tea,” but volume 8 of the manga series goes even further by promoting the cause of love for everyone.

Gesicht is one of the best detectives in Europol. He was assigned a very special case with a mysterious assailant who is killing off both robots and humans, alike. This case will test his skills and his heartstrings. The killer might be one of the robots – No, a traitor of AI! How will the robot world survive that news!?

This story will stir up your emotions, so grab a cup of tea and a box of tissues. You are going to need them as you read Pluto volume 8.

Want a realistic look at the world problems as it is today, read on with an open heart and hope that we can spread all the messages below.

Message One – Peace

Message Two – From Hatred Nothing Will Be Born

Message Three – Love is the Meaning of Life Every Life

Message Four – Fighting For A Better Life

I hope everyone can hear Gesicht’s words for a better new year. For peace on earth, receive and spread ALL four messages!

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