Nintendo Quietly Ends Fire Sale Pricing on the eShop

For several years, smaller game developers have tried to get more eyes on their games by offering steep discounts on the Nintendo eShop. Cost-conscious gamers could visit Nintendo’s digital storefront and regularly find several titles marked down to less than a buck, with some games priced below ten cents.

But in recent months, these fire sale prices have all but evaporated, and not by some natural occurrence, but due to a policy change on Nintendo’s part.

According to one independent game developer:

“Rules were changed back in November that newly submitted sale prices cannot be lower than $1.99.

“Future sales submitted before that point are still valid, so you’ll still see some 8 cent discounts popping up for the time being.”

So if you didn’t snag a copy of Ski Sniper the last time it was less than a buck, you probably won’t get another chance. Though you might come across a game for pennies on the dollar if the publisher submitted the request prior to November.

This move isn’t all that surprising given Nintendo’s reticence to “cheapen” the gaming experience on their platforms. Nintendo has a history of trying maintain top-dollar prices for their games, digital or otherwise (although how anyone can still justify pricing most Wii U digital content at more than a buck or two is beyond me).

In any case, this still sucks for indie developers who were hoping to use these discounts to attract new customers, particularly given that discoverability on the eShop is a tough enough task as it is. At least there’s that incestuous relationship with the gaming press to fall back on!.. for some, anyway.

Are you a cheapskate gamer (*raises hand*) who is bummed that these steep discounts are no longer available? Let us know in comments! Then- get a job!

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