Luke Stone’s “Hybrids: The Killing Field” Coming Soon to Indiegogo

Independent comic book artist and Hybrids creator Luke Stone is currently prepping the next installment of the Hybrids saga: Hybrids: The Killing Field part 1, a 32-page action fantasy comic book.*

Written and illustrated by Stone, The Killing Field launches the next chapter of the Hybrids saga that began with Trash Day. This first issue will also include a back-up story by Rog Mahan and Jim O’Riley.

Here’s the official pitch taken from the Hybrids: The Killing Field pre-launch page:

The H:SoG saga continues. A trap is laid for our heroes that will surely end in an epic clash that will change some of their lives forever. This first installment of the next arc sets the stage for this adventure. This project will run for 28 days and fulfill by April 2021.

This 32 page self cover (28 content pages) comic features the next chapter of the Hybrids story and a special backup story by writer Rog Mahan and Jim O’Riley… They were given complete creative freedom in exploring one of the most enigmatic characters from the story.

The Killing Field Part 1 is a great diving in point for new readers as well as something special for those long-time fans. This campaign will have something for every level of support.

The crowdfunding campaign is currently expected to launch in February. While we all wait, you can sign up for email updates on the Hybrids: The Killing Field Indiegogo pre-campaign page here. For those who do sign up, Stone is promising an exclusive backing tier.

*Disclosure: Hybrids creator Luke Stone has previously contributed content to The Splintering website.

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