Tonicmole Goes Fourth in “Saving the World”

Over the weekend, independent comic book creator Dusty “Tonicmole” launched a crowdfunding campaign for the latest issue of Saving the World, the fourth in an ongoing series.

Written and illustrated by Tonicmole, Saving the World is a superhero book that blends the aesthetics of 90s alternative comics with superheroic action (It also features excellent cover art by Illustrator Monk).

Here’s the official plot synopsis taken from the Saving the World Indiegogo campaign page:

Saving the World #4 continues the adventures of our minimum wage super heroes Kierra and Nora in their never ending fight to save the world and pay the rent. In this issue our heroes Kierra and Nora meet a girl named Alice who is being hunted by a relentless would be super hero named Mercy. To protect Alice and defeat Mercy, Nora has to come face to face with the demons of her past and confront them head on.

Backers can get a digital copy of Saving the World issue 4 for $5, while physical copies start at $15. If you have extra cash to spend, you can also pick up multiple copies of the book, variant covers, a sketch cover, or previous issues in the series if you need to catch up.

The best part? The project is already fully funded, so now it’s time to focus on the stretch goals and fulfillment.

Tonicmole used to repair tires for a living. If you don’t want to damn him back to that horrible fate, then check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Saving the World Indiegogo campaign page here.

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