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Tonicmole Goes Fourth in “Saving the World”

Over the weekend, independent comic book creator Dusty “Tonicmole” launched a crowdfunding campaign for the latest issue of Saving the World, the fourth in an ongoing series. Written and illustrated by Tonicmole, Saving the World is a superhero book that blends the aesthetics of 90s alternative comics with superheroic action (It also features excellent cover art by Illustrator Monk). Here’s

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Travel Across Time with Tonic Comix’s “Lilly and Wepwawet”

Earlier this week, independent comic book publisher Tonic Comix launched a crowdfunding campaign for Lilly and Wepwawet, a 44-page spin-off book set in the Saving the World universe. Written and illustrated by Tonicmole and featuring a back-up short story illustrated by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Jim Lawson, Lilly and Wepwawet is a sci-fi adventure featuring a time-traveling bank teller

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New superhero comic “Saving the World” begins crowdfunding this February

Aspiring comic book creator “Tonicmole” is planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign for Saving the World, a new superhero comic written and illustrated by Tonicmole himself. Not much has been revealed about the plot, but Tonicmole has indicated that Saving the World is intended as the first installment of a “bizarre shared universe of heroes, villains, and everything in between.”

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