Mark Compton’s “Draculangela” is Danger Close to Being Fully Funded on Indiegogo (Crowdfunding Spotlight)

Independent comic book creator Mark Compton launched a crowdfunding campaign for Draculangela, a new 24-page book that, at the time of this writing, is only $15 away from reaching its initial funding goal on Indiegogo.

Written by Compton and featuring illustrations by Carlos Rod Silva, colors by Walter Pereyra and letters Erik Enerfold, this first issue of Draculangela is intended to be the start of an ongoing horror/sci-fi series.

Here’s the official plot synopsis taken from the Draculangela Indiegogo campaign page:

When her parents mysteriously disappeared, Angela Von Witt was left with a modest fortune consisting of money, ancient literature, and artifacts. A technological abomination known as RTEMYS comes looking for one of those artifacts, and Angela finds herself fighting for her life. While battling this monster, Angela ultimately unleashes the mystical powers that draw from the dimensions of light and darkness. Now, she must harness the heavenly power to defeat her enemy before the darkness consumes her soul.

Backers can get a digital version of Draculangela for $5, while physical copies start at $15. If you have more cash to spend, you can also receive multiple copies of the book, several variant covers (including a metal cover), and a t-shirt. It is also worth noting that there is an additional shipping charge starting at $5 for those in the United States.

Care to take a bite? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Draculangela Indiegogo campaign page here.

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