New Trailer for “Spelunker HD Deluxe”; Physical Edition Preorders Open this Weekend

Strictly Limited Games recently released a new trailer for Spelunker HD Deluxe, a retro-inspired reimagining of TOZAI’s classic 80s platformer.

Spelunker HD was originally released for PS3, but this new “Deluxe” edition for PS4 and Nintendo Switch features updated graphics and a new gameplay mode. Here’s a breakdown of the different game modes, followed by the new trailer.

• Adventure:
Players can explore 100 stages by fighting and jumping their way through enemies and obstacles
• Competition:
The best cave explorer wins! In this mode, players can compete with their friends
• Championship:
The name says it all… This mode includes another 100 super-difficult, challenging stages that seek for real cave exploring experts
Endless Cave NEO:
In this mode, players can compete and see how far they get in endless, randomly generated caves

All of these modes can be played as single player, but they also support multiplayer for up to six players for online and up to four players offline.

For those who prefer the classic aesthetic, “Classic Mode” will allow you to play with pixel graphics and 8-bit sound similar to the original Spelunker game.

ININ Games plans to publish the digital version of Spelunker HD Deluxe in Q3 2021, but physical versions will be available as Limited and Collector’s Edition via the Strictly Limited Games website (here). Preorders open at midnight on 6 June (CEST). These will be in limited quantities, so don’t dawdle if you’re interested, ya dink!

Look at all of that Spelunker stuff…

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