Steam Page Launched for Reality-Bending RPG “iii: Revolving Wonderland”

Publisher WSS playground recently launched the Steam page for iii: Revolving Wonderland, a fantasy RPG set to release in 2022 or 2023 (Yeesh!).

Combining a variety of 2D & 3D art styles iii: Revolving Wonderland features a hero who can change the world around him using a mystical paintbrush (i.e. paint fire to light a dark room).

Here are some more specifics from WSS Playground, followed by the official iii: Revolving Wonderland trailer:

Explore a broken world “full of happiness” and hear out people’s wishes as you seek the truth. Will the world end up fixed, destroyed, or…? It’s up to you.

Whether you use that power to grant the inhabitants’ “wishes”, ignore them, or actively abuse them is up to you.

The graphics, scenario, game design, and programming for iii: Revolving Wonderland were all handled by a single developer, with sirosakurai handling the music, and Daichi Saito acting as producer and editor.

This 3DCG-designed world filled with pixel-style characters is populated by fairytale and cartoon characters.

Some of the “choices” with which you’ll be presented in conversation will have immeasurably profound effects on the fate of this “world”.

The various “choices” you make will affect not only the outcome of a specific event, but the “the very fate of the ‘world'”. This game does not have one single, definitive ending.

Rhythmic & exciting battles, plus mini games in which you can play around with the world itself.

Adding further color to the story are various battle- and field-related gimmicks. The super-stylish battles set to cool music feel somewhat off from the pop-ish-ness of the rest of the world, and each one will have a profound effect on the “lives” of the inhabitants.

This cute yet brutal “world” is chock full of all sorts of gimmicks.

You can add iii: Revolving Wonderland to your Steam wishlist here.

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