“Shingen Samurai-Fighter” Joins the Arcade Archives on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Hamster has announced that lesser-known arcade beat-em-up (slice-n-dice?) Shingen Samurai-Fighter is available today (24 June) on PS4 and Nintendo Switch as part of the digital Arcade Archives series.

Originally released by Jaleco in 1988, Shingen Samurai-Fighter was later ported to the PC Engine (that’s the TurboGrafx-16 for us Western chaps).

In Shingen Samurai-Fighter, 1-2 players take control of a pair of samurai warriors (one in red, the other in blue, of course) on a heroic journey through five stages to take down the evil Uesugi Kenshin.

To assist you on your quest, you can pick up the 風 (FU), 林(RIN), 火(KA), and 山(ZAN), which give your hero speed, attack, health and shield boosts. Collect them all in a single stage, and you can throw knives. There’s also a horseback section (yes!).

Like other Arcade Archives titles, players can post their high scores to the online leaderboards and change various game settings to match their own personal skill levels and taste. It is also worth noting that this Arcade Archives release is built using the Japanese version of the original ROM.

Arcade Archives Shingen Samurai-Fighter is available today for $7.99 via PSN and the Nintendo Switch eShop. You can check out some screenshots below, or visit the official Hamster website here.

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