Retro-Inspired Shoot-Em Up “Endocrisis” Now Available on Steam

Late last week, retro-inspired space shoot-em up Endocrisis launched for PC via Steam.

Developed by a one-man team (namely Arturo Buschmann), Endocrisis is intended for fans of R-Type, Gradius or Ikaruga. The game’s unique mechanic is that enemy bullets can’t harm you when your own ship isn’t firing.

Here’s the official breakdown of Endocrisis from the developer:

Block and absorb enemy shots! That is the main tactic in this game.

A very unique shoot’em up where you can always recover from a complex situation if you concentrate and use the technique of block and absorb. While you are shooting, you lose life, and you can recover it back, absorbing bullets.

A non linear shoot’em up

In Endocrisis, you can choose any order to complete the game. You can choose to play stages to gain a power-up for you ship or fight directly to the bosses.

Fast to try and error

The load times are quick, and the game has a map with a save game progress to retry later and continue without passing the wholes set of levels.

One hit game over, but you can always recover.

If you get a hit with your life power over 70%, you don’t lose like a typical shoot’em up. Instead of that, your energy goes to 0%, and a bomb will wipe out all enemy shots of the screen.

You can recover your power by absorbing the yellow enemy shots or stay on defense mode to recover energy slowly.

Endocrisis is available now on Steam, where the game is currently discounted 25% for a limited time.

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