Throwback Platformer “Within the Blade” Coming to Consoles on 16 July

Publisher Ratalaika Games has announced that Ametist Studio’s 2D action-platformer Within the Blade is coming next week to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Blending ninja action, stealth, and RPG gameplay elements with a throwback pixelated art style, Within the Blade looks to be designed for hardcore platformer fans, whether they are nostalgic for the punishing, retro games of the late 80s or merely stricken with an antiquarian longing for the era.

There’s also lots of blood. Pixelated blood, sure, but satisfying sprays of scarlet, nonetheless.

Here’s the official breakdown of Within the Blade from Ratalaika:

Raved about on the PC, now console gamers can feast on the challenging action that unfolds….

As players progress in Within the Blade, they will encounter new and unique enemies which forces them to learn new battle tactics, better the quality of equipment and learn new skills – but they will keep an eye on the durability of the weaponry selected. When it breaks, players will be forced to combat enemies hand to hand.

Featuring 25 levels and some unforgettable boss encounters, players can also complete additional tasks to gain more experience and money to help level up their ninja.


• Over 100 types of weapons to find or craft

• Branching skills to level up and master

• Secrets to unlock, with epic items to find

• Randomly generated levels

• 5 unique acts with 5 levels

• Distinct visual style with a medieval feel

Sharpen your swords. Within the Blade launches on 16 July for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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