Matthew Martin’s “Snowman: A Cold Day in Hell” Crosses Six Figures Threshold

On Thursday, the crowdfunding campaign for Snowman: A Cold Day in Hell hit the blessed “six figures” milestone, raising more than $100 thousand via Indiegogo. This keeps the “six figure” streak alive for publisher ALL CAPS Comics, who has hit the $100k mark on all of its original comic book campaigns so far.

What finally pushed Snowman over the threshold? It couldn’t possibly be Snowman creator Matthew Martin’s latest promotional art below, could it?

I wouldn’t say that looks like Hell, but it certainly looks cold, am I right?

Snowman: A Cold Day in Hell is a revival of a 90s horror book published by Hall of Heroes. The original story followed a malevolent Native American spirit that could control ice and snow. This reimagining of Snowman is once again written and illustrated by Martin, but reintroduces the character from the ground up for modern audiences.

Had cold feet on Snowman until now? No worries. The book is still available via the Indiegogo in demand store for a limited time, so you can still pick up a copy here.

Congratulations to Matt Martin, ALL CAPS Comics, and everyone else on team Snowman. You can check out the Snowman: A Cold Day in Hell Indiegogo in-demand page here.

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