Alien Pixel Studios’ 2D Puzzle Platformer “Unbound: Worlds Apart” Now on Switch, PC

As of today (that’s right now), Alien Pixel Studiosportal-hopping, puzzle platformer Unbound: Worlds Apart is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam).

Described as a dark fairy tale, Unbound is set in a fantasy world with gameplay featuring Metroidvania (nonlinear 2D adventure) elements. Players harness the world-altering portals to defeat monsters, solve puzzles and save reality from evil.

Plus, there are giant spiders (arachnophobes say, “Reeeeeee!”)

Here’s the full breakdown of Unbound: Worlds Apart from Alien Pixel, followed by an official trailer:



The core of Unbound are the magic portals which gives the player different mechanics to interact with through the game. Inside certain portals, the laws of physics and abilities of the character can change, opening up new and inventive ways to progress.

Through the journey, you will encounter different bloodthirsty creatures that you have to use them to your advantage.

The Story

During the annual celebration of The Guardian, the World of Vaiya is attacked by mysterious evil forces. A few wizards manage to escape the attack but the world is now corrupted and packed with malevolent creations. The only hope now relays on Soli, as the old wizards are now to weak to fight back. Seeking revenge, because he lost his dearest little brother in this unforgiving battle, Soli has to use all his powers and find the way to fight back the evil and restore the peace in the World.


• Explore the beauty and the danger of long forgotten hand crafted worlds through a dark fairy tale story. Unravel their secrets and their past through an extraordinary journey.

• A variety of magic portals that can help you to progress through the worlds and solve unique puzzles as they shape-shift creatures, reveal solutions or hurt you

• Decide your path, in a non-sequential level design of the worlds. Gather more knowledge about some puzzles that seems to be impossible at first and come back and apply what you learned.

• Encounter deadly monsters that lurk through the world preventing you to accomplish your mission.

• A reach and beautiful soundtrack will set an epic mood and a wonderful experience

Unbound: Worlds Apart is available now foe Nintendo Switch and Steam PC.

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