Comic Review: “Rocket Gal and the Mole Men of Mars” (Holliday, Gilmore)

Since Wyatt Holliday’s latest female-led sci-fi adventure just went live on Indiegogo (in the form of Heroine Adventure Magazine), what better time is there to bust out one of his previous books featuring another buxom female beauty?

Rocket Gal and the Mole Men of Mars is a lighthearted, action-heavy comic with a standalone story. The 32-page book follows the titular heroine Rocket Gal and her canine companion Booster as they blast into action to save a pair of scientists from muddy clutches of the monstrous mole men… of Mars. Mmmmmm.

On the story side, Rocket Gal is a fairly quick read. The tone is is silly and fun throughout; definitely more Barbarella than John Carter of Mars. Artist Peter Gilmore’s illustrations are a fine match for Holliday’s playful writing, with clean lines, a vibrant color palette, and character designs that are certainly never shy. Rocket Gal’s costume was unabashedly ridiculous, and there are moments where what little clothing she does wear seems to just disappear. Of course, that should hardly be listed as much of a complaint. I’m just pointing it out, you know, for completeness.

Say it with me: “Get your ass to Mars…”

The whole universe – not just Rocket Gal – is depicted in a sexy, animated style, complete with four-breasted aliens and hot-pants aplenty. And “Hi-ho!” Was the space reporter “Joe Froggo” a Kermit the Frog reference?

Objectivity demands that I now round up the book’s lesser qualities, and Rocket Gal is not without them (-or- is with them? Pfft! Stupid double-negatives!). For one, the reader never gets a clear understanding of the villains’ motives, and the book barely scratches the surface of who Rocket Gal actually is. She has a supporting cast including her alien crew mates, but most of what they do isn’t terribly consequential. Hopefully, they are all better -ahem!- developed in future Rocket Gal stories, which are coming soon (go here when you finish reading this review to learn about Voyagers from the Void!). Otherwise, there were a couple of typos, and a few panels of inconsistent artwork where some angles and facial expressions looked distorted.

Cursed necklace!

Overall, nothing in Rocket Gal and the Mole Men of Mars is taken all that seriously. The story lacks gravitas and will certainly be too silly for some tastes (and you may not want your mom to find it under your mattress), but Rocket Gal is exactly what the creators promised: cheeky, lighthearted fun.

If you’re interested in supporting one of Holliday’s other campaigns – such as the currently in-demand Eternal Armor (here) or the aforementioned Heroine Adventure Magazine (here) – it’s definitely worth noting that the Rocket Gal package arrived 100% safe and sound at The Splintering HQ, bagged, boarded, and lovingly tucked into a Gemini mailer. The two trading cards and mini prints also made the trip fully intact.

Now it’s time for me to slip this puppy between the mattress again before the missus gets home…

Thanks for reading!

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