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Blood, barbarians and babes- Rob Shaffer’s graphic novel “DOOM FATE” brings them all to Indiegogo

On Thursday, independent comic book creator Rob Shaffer launched a crowdfunding campaign for DOOM FATE, a 48-page (or more) graphic novel featuring contributions from Simon Pothier, Peter Gilmore (The Story of the Goodie Bird), Vinnie Tartamella (City of Venus), Karl O’Rowe (Deathsworn) and several others. DOOM FATE looks to be well-situated in the classic barbarian fantasy tradition, so fans of Red

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New comic “Wart the Wizard” aims to put readers of all ages under its spell

Over the weekend, Mandy Summers launched a crowdfunding campaign for Wart the Wizard, a 90-page graphic novel intended for readers of all ages. Written and illustrated by Summers, Wart the Wizard is a fantasy/comedy tale inspired by fantasy/RPG video games such as King’s Quest and World of Warcraft. Here’s a plot summary taken from the Indiegogo campaign page: Wart The

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Lovecraftian horror for all ages, “The Case of the Littlest Umbrella” now crowdfunding on Indiegogo

“Hey therrre…” The sardonic YouTube personality known as That Umbrella Guy has teamed up with artist Keung Lee (Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb) to crowdfund The Case of the Littlest Umbrella, an all-new graphic novel intended as a Lovecraftian horror tale suitable for readers of all ages. Here’s a breakdown of The Case of the Littlest Umbrella taken from the book’s

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