New comic “Wart the Wizard” aims to put readers of all ages under its spell

Over the weekend, Mandy Summers launched a crowdfunding campaign for Wart the Wizard, a 90-page graphic novel intended for readers of all ages. Written and illustrated by Summers, Wart the Wizard is a fantasy/comedy tale inspired by fantasy/RPG video games such as King’s Quest and World of Warcraft.

Here’s a plot summary taken from the Indiegogo campaign page:

Wart The Wizard is the ultimate interactive adventure that has never existed until now! You will begin your adventure into Brightmoore by being introduced to the main character, Wart, as he gathers what items he has at home and places them into his INVENTORY to pursue an average day as a LEVEL ONE WIZARD. Wait, what?

That’s right! Wart The Wizard was inspired by the video game series, “King’s Quest”, and MMORPG’s such as “EverQuest” and “World of Warcraft”! Wart has BOTH an EXPERIENCE BAR AND an INVENTORY! EVERY character in Wart The Wizard has LEVELS, ID CARDS, and can be further researched in the compendium in the back of the book! In addition, Wart will have to endure the arrogant nature of overachieving GUILDS as well as guide us through the shamelessness of NINJA LOOTING!

Wart will find himself on a legendary QUEST that he is nowhere near prepared for, and must use both his wit and the items he finds along the way to discover a hidden castle containing the most powerful relic in Brightmoore, as well as the most sinister dark wizard of all time, Gravemoss!

Backers can choose from one of three variant covers for $25, while those with a bit more gold mesetas gil cash to spend can pick up other swag including extra copies of the book, a “sketch kiss card”, and the original cover artwork by Peter Gilmore.

Bewitched? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Wart the Wizard Indiegogo campaign page here.


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