Mandy Summers joins “Rocket Gal” team

On Thursday, Wart the Wizard creator Mandy Summers announced that she is joining the creative team behind The New Adventures of Rocket Gal and Booster, an upcoming graphic novel with a sexy take on classic sci-fi. Summers will be editing the book alongside writer Wyatt Holiday (Ardanna), while Peter Gilmore (The Story of the Goodie Bird) is providing the illustrations.

But what is Rocket Gal all about? Here’s the plot summary taken from the book’s Indiegogo pre-campaign page:

Rocket Gal! Accompanied by her faithful companion, Booster, Rocket Gal traverses the cosmos, finding herself involved in science fiction adventures with a retro/classic flair – the first of which pits her against the subterranean denizens of the red planet – the Mole Men of Mars!

Congratulations to Mandy Summers for landing her spot on the Rocket Gal team. The project is expected to begin its crowdfunding campaign sometime in 2020. If you’re interested in the book, you can sign up for email updates on Rocket Gal via the Indiegogo pre-campaign page here.

*Note: this post was updated on 17 January to correct Summer’s position as an editor, not a co-writer.

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