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Wyatt Holliday’s Pulp Era-Inspired “Heroine Adventure Magazine” Now on Indiegogo

Over the weekend, independent comic book creator Wyatt Holliday launched a crowdfunding campaign for Heroine Adventure Magazine issue 1, “the world’s first-ever pulp heroines magazine.” Weighing in at a thicc 128 pages, Heroine Adventure #1 is a standalone, full-length pulp novel presented in 7×10 format. The project is already fully funded, so now all Holliday has to worry about is

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Mandy Summers joins “Rocket Gal” team

On Thursday, Wart the Wizard creator Mandy Summers announced that she is joining the creative team behind The New Adventures of Rocket Gal and Booster, an upcoming graphic novel with a sexy take on classic sci-fi. Summers will be editing the book alongside writer Wyatt Holiday (Ardanna), while Peter Gilmore (The Story of the Goodie Bird) is providing the illustrations.

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