Blood, barbarians and babes- Rob Shaffer’s graphic novel “DOOM FATE” brings them all to Indiegogo

On Thursday, independent comic book creator Rob Shaffer launched a crowdfunding campaign for DOOM FATE, a 48-page (or more) graphic novel featuring contributions from Simon Pothier, Peter Gilmore (The Story of the Goodie Bird), Vinnie Tartamella (City of Venus), Karl O’Rowe (Deathsworn) and several others. DOOM FATE looks to be well-situated in the classic barbarian fantasy tradition, so fans of Red Sonja or Masters of the Universe should feel right at home.

Here’s the plot summary taken from the DOOM FATE Indiegogo campaign page:

In the northern most realm. In the cold wintry valley of Valerium the barbarians of Storm Fall follow the way of the fates. One such Valerian, named after the valley itself, takes a journey of here own. Carving her own fate one bloody body at a time, Valeria finds defying the fates comes with a price. 

Backers can get a copy of DOOM FATE for $18. Those with more cash to spend can pick up some extra swag, including additional copies of the book, original artwork, and a poster of the book’s cover art featuring DOOM FATE’s scarlet-haired protagonist, Valeria.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full DOOM FATE Indiegogo campaign page here.

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