Indie comic creator Simon Pothier teases new supernatural adventure “Daemona #1”

Independent comic book creator Simon Pothier (Bloodhunt, Doom Fate) has teased Daemona #1, new supernatural-inspired project coming soon to Indiegogo. The titular heroine is described as “THE MOST BADASS DEMON BABE in comics, protecting our realm from OTHERWORLDLY threats!”

Here’s the full synopsis from the Daemona teaser page:

BORN from tragedy & raised in HELL! She was brought up to be a warrior known as THE DRAGONESS. She fought & freed herself from slavery under the DEMON KING. Now, mistress of her own fate & MASTER HUNTRESS of the OCCULT, DEAMONA raises HELL protecting our world from mystical & otherworldly threats!

Below are several teaser images to whet your appetite until the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign launched. You can also sign up for email updates on the Daemona pre-launch page here.

Cover art

Sample page

Daemona’s car can transform into a motorcycle


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