Anthology Comic “Tales from the Natverse” (Finally) on Indiegogo

After a few delays, independent comic book creator Simon “Sim” Pothier has launched a crowdfunding campaign for Tales from the Natverse, a sci-fi fantasy book originally planned to launch last March. Eh. 2020 happens, right?

Written and illustrated by Pothier (BLOODHUNT, Daemona) and featuring colors by Michael Beacon and Jon Jay, Tales from the Natverse is a 64+ page anthology which sets the stage for the broader Nat the Merc series. Here’s the full breakdown of the project taken from the Tales from the Natverse Indiegogo campaign page:


This 64+ page Anthology series collects short stories introducing NAT and other characters within the NATVERSE and are all connected to the main series NAT THE MERC. 

The first volume reprints the 2 Nat short stories plus the first ROZE: Space Pirate story, with 2 new unpublished stories. The stories were all written to build characters & the universe before the actual series, like a prequel that comes out in small installments before the main, hence the title PRELUDE. 

The old stories are staying like they were but uncensored, uncut and getting re-lettered & touched up dialogues. (The lettering in the video is the old) 

  1. NAT the Merc: Remember the name. Published in ZIDARA 9 in 2012 and later in a single issue but this time it’s uncensored and uncut with 2 extra pages.
  2. NAT prelude Published in ZIDARA 9 in 2013 and later in a single issue. Discover part of Nat’s origin.
  3. Helena Roze: Space Pirate Published in ZIDARA 9 in 2015. 
  4. New Royal Rumble presenting Queen Elrika colored by Michael Beacon @7LegionsBeacon
  5. New NAT & ZED started in in 2016 finished in 2020 and colored by @SPARTANSCOTSMN

Plus a Preview of LOANI for TALES FROM THE NATVERSE #2 and extra content.

Then all is set for the NAT THE MERC series to launch 😉

TALES FROM THE NATVERSE is meant to be a companion to the NAT the MERC series. More issues will come. 

Backers can get a signed copy of Tales from the Natverse for $25. If you have more money to spend, you can also pick up additional copies of the book, a “sexy” poster print, original artwork, and even a bundle with Pothier’s BLOODHUNT book included.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Tales from the Natverse Indiegogo campaign page here.

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