Japanese Horror Game Series “Tsugunohi” Coming to Steam 13 August

Playism has announced that Japanese horror series Tsugunohi is coming to Steam on 13 August. Developed by ImCyan, Tsugunohi was originally released in 2012 via Freem! and other free game websites.

This new collection will include all seven original episodes, with episodes 1-3 being aesthetically remastered. The Steam release will also include two bonus episodes: The Ethereal Railroad Crossing and a second that will be announced on launch day.

Here’s the official breakdown of Tsugunohi from the game’s Steam page:

This game will include the following titles from the “Tsugunohi” series.

Tsugunohi episode.1, episode.2, episode.3 (Remastered)

The first three episodes are a remastered version of the three episodes from the original version with improved graphics and production.

Tsugunohi -a closed future-

Tsugunohi -The cat ghost-

Tsugunohi -The parallel train in the dark-

Tsugunohi -Whispering Toy House-

Tsugunohi -The Ethereal Railroad Crossing- (Steam Original)


Tsugunohi Episode.1

A male junior high school student on his way home from school.

He feels a strange chill on his usual way home….

Tsugunohi Episode.2

A junior high school girl on her way home from club activities.

She feels an unusual stare at her usual intersection…

Tsugunohi Episode.3

Tsugumi, an elementary school girl, returns home from school.

Her mother, who always goes out shopping when she gets back, is missing…

Tsugunohi -a closed future-

A high school girl on her way home from school.

She mumbles, “I want to start over,” and leaves…

Tsugunohi -The cat ghost-

The protagonist is just an ordinary cat.

He goes on a field trip to patrol his territory…

Tsugunohi -The parallel train in the dark-

A junior high school girl goes to a cram school by train.

Strange things, however, begin to happen on her familiar commute…

Tsugunohi -Whispering Toy House-

An unassuming house in a quiet residential area.

A girl interested in antique toys wanders in, unaware of the horror that awaits her…

Tsugunohi -The Ethereal Railroad Crossing- (Steam Original)

This new story that takes place at a train crossing awash with ghostly mystique is connected to the previous episode, Tsugunohi -The Parallel Train in the dark.

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