Crowdfunding Review: “Skits: The Son Book 1” (Skits Comic)

Today we’ll be reviewing the crowdfunded comic book campaign Skits: The Son Book 1 by Skits Comic. For those of you not familiar with our review format, we grade a crowdfunding campaign on four distinct categories:

  • Book Content and Quality
  • Communication and Fulfillment
  • Packaging and Shipping
  • Stretch Goals and Bonuses

With Skits, I backed the Skits: Siegenthaler- Cover A tier.  I backed this book on Indiegogo, where it is currently still in demand.  Please consider taking a few moments to read this review as Skits is one of the more uniquely interesting comic books I have read in quite some time. 

A look at everything I received for backing this campaign.

Book Content and Quality

Skits: The Son Book 1 was created, written and illustrated by Michael Siegenthaler, lettered by Eric Weathers, and edited by Carshenah Jefferson Siegenthaler.  Skits follows the story of a patient in an insane asylum, who is living in a world where his dreams and reality seemingly merge.  The story starts with Skits speaking with a therapist at the asylum where he resides.  She’s questioning where he’s been and as he describes his adventures to her, they come alive for the reader. 

The writing on this book is exceptional.  The story and dialogue flow seamlessly.  You are introduced to so much in this book that you have to read it twice to absorb it all, and that’s a good thing because reading this book was an absolute joy.  When people think of comic books, their first thought is of superheroes, capes and tights.  With Skits, you get a breath of fresh air.  There’s adventure, sure.  Action, yes.  Is it a superhero book though?  Not in my opinion.  What genre is it?  I don’t know if I can define it, which is why I like it so much.  It’s truly unlike every other comic book I’ve read. 

I backed the Skits: Siegenthaler- Cover A tier

The art is definitely unique.  Michael Siegenthaler took the term mixed media to the next level, as there are pages that are traditionally drawn, others are painted, some are digitally rendered and still more use photography.  It’s a brilliant mix of media.  It is a very stylized art form that may not be for everyone.  For me, the artwork suited the story well.

I was very pleased with the lettering and editing within the story.  No errors snapped me backed to reality when I was reading this book.  Credit should be given to both Eric Weathers and Carshenah Jefferson Siegenthaler.  They have tough jobs.  Often times the best compliment letters and editors can be given for their work is that it wasn’t noticed, and that seems unfair.  It was their contributions that helped shape the final form of the book. 

Now, onto one of my favorite parts of this book, and that’s the book quality.  Skits: The Son Book 1 is a 64-page perfect (aka square) bound graphic novel.  The cover has a beautiful matte texture, and the pages are high quality.  I love the weight and feel of this book.  Not only that, but when a standard crowdfunded book gives you 48-pages for $25, and this book comes in at 64-pages, that is something that’s noticed.  The pages were imperative to the story, too.  It wasn’t like stretch goals unlocked an eight-page backup story.  No, each and every page in this book was key.  I am extremely satisfied and impressed with the Book Content and Quality of Skits: The Son Book 1.  Very well done. 

Grade: A

Communication and Fulfillment

I pledged to this campaign in August 2020, just after the book entered its in demand phase of funding.  The original estimated delivery was set for April 2021, but I received my book in August 2021.  Basing the timeframe from the end of the campaign to receipt of my book, that’s a one-year turnaround.  Factoring in that this is a 64-page book of all unique material, I would say that’s the average wait time considering the current state of publishing, printing and shipping. 

The campaign creator posted regular updates to the campaign, and ramped those updates up once the book went past its expected due date.  On average, there seemed to be roughly one update per month throughout the campaign.  I personally like updates, and would have liked to have seen a few more.  Still, monthly updates are appreciated.

Grade: C+

Packaging and Shipping

The campaign owner let backers know that books would be shipping soon in an update to the campaign.  I was provided a tracking number when my items shipped, which I really appreciated.  I paid $10 for shipping, and my book was sent via USPS media mail in a Gemini mailer. 

The book and stretch goals were placed in a bag and board and secured within the Gemini mailer with shipping tape.  I did not like that the stretch goal items were placed on the face of the book within the bag.  I’d have preferred to see them placed behind the backing board on the other side of the comic.  Fortunately, the stretch goal items were made of paper and yarn, so no damage occurred.  Still, I’ve seen enough pin holes in my books from other campaigns to know that nothing should be placed in front of the comic. 

Stretch goals were placed in front of the comic book in a bag and board. Everything arrived safely.

Ultimately, you can’t argue with results, and the results of the packaging and shipping led to me receiving my items in mint condition.  I’m concerned about the trend of charging $10 for media mail (yes, I know other costs are incurred, but not that much more), but other than those items mentioned, I was pleased with this category. 

Grade: B+

Stretch Goals and Bonuses

This campaign unlocked three unique stretch goals:

  • Adjustable Paper Puppet Bookmark
  • Skits Craft Mask     
  • Thaumatrope
Images of the Bookmark and Thaumatrope unlocked in the campaign. The craft mask (not pictured) was actually part of the Gemini mailer and needed to be cut out and assembled.

I have to confess that none of these items are things I am interested in.  The campaign focused adding quality to the book with the stretch goals, which I understand.  As I’ve stated in the past though, that gets graded in the Book Quality and Content section.  This section is strictly for bonus physical rewards.  I will give the Skits team credit that all of these items were unique and suited the theme of the book, but I think I’d much rather have had a trading card or sticker, a print, or a proper book mark. 

You know what would have been fun!?  A nice “Greetings from Suleac” postcard! 

Grade: C

The best compliments I can give any campaign are that I am glad I backed the book and that I am excited to back the next one.  With Skits: The Son Book 1 I can tell you with absolute certainty, I will be backing book 2, and I am very happy to own Book 1.  Skits was a unique story that I really enjoyed.  The campaign is still in demand and you still have time to back it (here).  If you backed the book, please share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Overall Grade: B

See you next session!

Thanks for reading!

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  • Just ordered one. This looks absolutely fantastic. Thanks for the review

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Skits Comic Team

      Thank you for this wonderful review for both the creator, editor and overall team. We appreciate your insight as a backer for our comic. You’ve shared some great points as well as some good notes for the team to take into account for the next campaign (ie.. keeping stretch goal goodies behind the bag and board instead of in front) but fortunately, our perks were accessible for mint condition quality. Which is what we like to hear.
      To clarify:
      Our Craft Mask inside the Gemini mailer is something interactive that both adult and young kids can do by themselves or together. A fun way to enjoy the world of “Suleac” as the SKITS character. Cut, Paint/Color and enjoy.
      The Thaumatrope also has a cool history as one of the first optical illusion toys from the 18th century. Simple, yet something fun to spin to see SKITS in another illusion.
      The Paper Puppet Bookmark is adjustable to any page or pages as we wanted our readers to have fun with not only reading, but bookmark all of the clues within the book or 3 Book Journey.

      We will keep the cover and paper quality for our campaigns as this has been highly appreciated from other backers as well. Thank you.
      And giving props to our editor Carshénah Jefferson Siegenthaler and Letterer Eric Weathers is of great praise that has been dually noted.
      Again, thank you for this and we can’t wait for BOOK 2 to get underway for our backers to enjoy. Your review was refreshing to hear.

      The Skits Comic Team.

      Liked by 1 person

  • Received and finished reading yesterday. Beautiful book. Paper and overall quality is outstanding. Art is unique. Definitely a supporter of the next campaign. Thank you for this amazing work!

    Liked by 1 person

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