Dark Fantasy RPG “Arboria” to Receive Full Steam Release in September

Publisher All in! Games recently announced that fantasy action RPG Arboria will receive a full Steam release on 9 September 2021. The game has been available via Steam Early Access since May 2020.

Developed by Dreamplant Studio, Arboria is set in a dark fantasy world and features third-person, “soulslike” gameplay. All In! heralds Arboria as “the first game to combine 3D roguelite features with dynamic real-time combat on Steam” (maybe… there’s a lot of games on Steam, after all).

Here’s the official breakdown of Arboria from All in! Games:

Descend into the ever-changing tunnels of Durnar as a warrior, a Yotun, in this first of its kind dark fantasy roguelite on Steam. As you mutate to become stronger and use a range of Symbiotic Weapons to fight the heinous monsters that hurt the Father Tree, you’ll uncover the mysteries of your tribe. Heal the Father Tree and restore the power of your tribe.

Major game features:

Descend into Durnar—explore procedurally generated dungeons and make sure the greatest threat you find there is yourself

• Use a range of Symbiotic Weapons and Bio-Mutations—gotta find them all

• Unlock new traits and mutate to become stronger—power up future warriors, even if your severed head will only watch them from a jar at the graveyard

• Face a gazillion unique enemies and bosses—Durnar is dark and full of terrors

You can check out Arboria via the game’s Steam page here.

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