World Eater Games’ Challenging Adventure “Bittersweet Birthday” Coming to Switch, Steam PC via Indiegogo (Crowdfunding Spotlight)

Earlier this month, indie game developer World Eater Games and publisher Pineapple Works launched a crowdfunding campaign for Bittersweet Birthday, a challenging new game described as half bullet-hell combat, half adventure/exploration with a 2D pixel art style. At the time of this writing, the Bittersweet Birthday campaign is more than 50% funded, having raised roughly $12 thousand of its $23 thousand goal.

According to Pineapple Works, Bittersweet Birthday shares both tonal and design similarities with games like Deltarune, Undertale, and the Zero Escape series.

Here’s the official breakdown of Bittersweet Birthday from the game’s Steam page:

Bittersweet Birthday is an action game where every combat encounter is a challenging and unique fight!!

Learn your enemies, plan ahead and achieve victory!

You wake up, dazed… with no memories. While asking yourself where and how you got there, a strange voice breaks through the silence: “Hey there, bud”. Under the threat of unstable individuals hunting you down, the only chance of escape is to listen to the voice…

Maybe you’ll uncover more on what’s going on…

Explore different areas and help their lovely residents with their everyday struggles while learning more about the world and its history!


• A story of mystery driven by endearing characters!

• Explore a lively village with friendly residents and their interlocking quests!

• Punishing combat where reading the enemy is the key to victory!

• A darts mini-game! Well, at least darts are being used…

• Cute pixel-art characters on beautifully drawn backgrounds!

• Fully re-mappable input and support for PS4, Xbox, and PC controllers!

• Dog??

Backers can get a digital version of the game, a desktop wallpaper and your name in the credits all for $20 (or $15 if you get in quickly enough to snag an “Early Bird” perk). If you have more money to throw around, you can also receive the following:

  • Digital soundtrack
  • A PDF art book
  • Beta access
  • The chance to design a boss enemy’s moveset

Bittersweet Birthday is currently scheduled to release Nintendo Switch and Steam PC in late 2022. You can check out some screenshots below, try out a free demo on Steam (here), or visit the full Bittersweet Birthday Indiegogo campaign page here.

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