Story Trailer for “Naser: Son of Man” Shown at Gamescom

At Gamescom 2021, developer Enlightened Robot Entertainment released a new story trailer for Naser: Son of Man, the steampunk-inspired 2D run-and-gun game coming soon to PC, Xbox One, SeXbox, PS4, and PS5.

You can check out the new Naser: Son of Man story trailer below, followed by a breakdown of the game via Niche Gamer:


In the year 1875, the invention of robots disrupts the world’s peace. Britain uses robots to declare war on the entire world. With the power of indestructible robots, Queen Elizabeth Zero conquers the whole earth in less than a year. The only territory kept untouched is the Empire of Persia, for not only the Queen’s mighty army, can overcome. Persia obtains a magical crystal powerful to defend the country for thousands of years. However, betrayal is more powerful than any magic. Queen Elizabeth Zero, with the help of the traitor within Persia, steals the Magical Crystal and conquer Persia at last. She is now the most powerful person in the world. In the darkest of times, when there is no hope, God changes the rules of creation and brings back Naser to life and gives him supernatural abilities.

Hope returns to the heart of the human race. Can Naser and God be strong enough to destroy Queen Elizabeth Zero and her robotic army? Or is this the end of the world as we know it?


Naser: Son of Man is a combination of intense action and adventure elements. In addition to the game’s cover-based shooting element, there are puzzles and platforming obstacles to make Naser: Son of Man more than a regular shooting game. Therefore the experience of the gameplay consists of these three elements:


Players should seek cover and shoot the enemies. Each cover is destroyable, therefore, speed, tactical positioning, and focus are the gameplay’s primary keys. Consequently, the action flow of the game is intense and innovative.


Through the game, players will encounter puzzles that require a little more thinking to get pass by.


Carrying the essence of the puzzles, the player sometimes should get pass the obstacles by platforming, climbing, and jumping different surfaces and heights.

Source: Niche Gamer

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