“Hamster Maze” Coming to Consoles, PC in 2022

New Polish development team We Dig Games recently announced that their first game will be Hamster Maze, coming in 2022 for SeXbox, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam PC.

Inspired by online videos of hamster maze creation, Hamster Maze blends casual arcade gameplay with Tamagotchi elements. Players rear and train their pet hamsters in preparation for competition with opponents, whether controlled by AI or another human player. As you play, you can unlock multiple cosmetic items to customize your pet’s look.

Here’s the official breakdown of Hamster Maze from the game’s Steam page, followed by the latest trailer:

All aboard the hamster train!

Prepare for cuteness overload, relentless training, and fierce competition as you and your hamster tackle complex mazes. Navigate obstacles, test your agility, seek shortcuts, and be the first ones to reach the finish line for the ultimate reward – the yummiest treat in all the land!


Experience fierce competition in a laid-back style. All you need is a single button – but don’t think for one second that it means you won’t break a sweat!

• Race AI-controlled hamsters in mazes created by our team, famous hamster owners, and other players from all around the world.

• Compete with other players online, where 1v1 duels are the best and only way to demonstrate how fast, intelligent, and agile you and your hamsters have become.

• Develop your hamsters’ abilities and skillset to take on more advanced competitors, perform tricks, and finish every maze as quickly as possible.

• Look after your hamsters, expand their house, furnish it with new equipment, and make it the mansion they deserve.

• Build your own labyrinths and share your vision with other players.

• Enjoy detailed graphics and cute animations, no matter what mode you are playing!

Hamster Maze is scheduled to release in Q1 2022 on both PC and consoles. At the time of this writing, there is no word on the prospect of Lemmiwinks character DLC.

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