Otherworldly Fantasy in Chris Fisk’s “Infinitale Chronicles – The War of the Trees” (Crowdfunding Spotlight)

Independent comic book creator Chris Fisk recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for Infinitale Chronicles – The War of the Trees, a 50-page graphic novel set on a distant fantasy world.

Written by Fisk and featuring illustrations by António Brandão and colors by Alzir Alves and Chris Hall, the book is intended as the first part in a larger War of the Trees saga.

Here’s the brief story synopsis taken from the Infinitale Chronicles Indiegogo campaign page:

It all began with the birth of an ill-fated son in the royal family. Can a mother’s right overcome the gods’ might? The opening tale of The War of the Trees saga begins with a mystery uncovered from the fevered dreams of an ailing queen. As her husband journeys across the deadly wilderness to find answers, everything they knew about themselves, and the history of their world, is torn asunder.

Backers can get a digital version of Infinitale Chronicles for $5, while physical copies start at $15. If you have more cash to spend, you can also receive the following:

  • Multiple copies of the book
  • Variant covers
  • A collectible card set
  • A double-sided poster

It is also worth noting that there is an additional shipping charge starting at $10 for those in the United States.

Despite the project being far short of the funding goal at the moment, Fisk “guarantees” that all backers will get their book, as the campaign itself is not designed to fund the book itself, but rather to gauge interest.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Infinitale Chronicles- The War of the Trees Indiegogo campaign page here.

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