Larry King’s “Gemini Jump” Leaps to Instant Success on Indiegogo

On Wednesday, comic book enthusiast Larry King made the jump into independent comic creation by launching an Indiegogo campaign for Gemini Jump, a 48-page, black and white book designed for fans of classic adventure comics and manga. The project is already fully funded, but the best part may be that the book is already finished, printed and ready to ship as soon as the campaign ends.

Written and illustrated by King, Gemini Jump stars dimension-hopping twin redheads who will undoubtedly be played by Zendaya in any future Netflix adaptations.

Here’s the official pitch taken from the Gemini Jump Indiegogo campaign page:

This comic introduces the story of Betty and Liz, twins from different dimensions who are out to seek adventure… and finding it where they least suspect. Gifted with the ability to jump between worlds they must save a dying people, a mission that puts them in the sights of a bizarre alchemist, a totalitarian regime, and a mechanical behemoth that will go to any lengths to stop them.

Fans of classic adventure manga will enjoy this story which gives you multiple threats, plenty of action, a classic art style and a complete story from start to finish. While Gemini Jump sets up a bigger world, this comic is absolutely self-contained with a fully complete story.

Artwork is carefully rendered in Larry King’s signature style, and the comic has been printed with a 70# Gloss Full Color Cover and Heavy Stock Interior Paper just like the comics you remember. At a cost-effective starting price, Gemini Jump is designed to provide a comic for you that’s affordable, quick to get your hands on, and starts an adventure in a brand-new world.

Backers can get a digital version of Gemini Jump for $3, while physical copies start at $10 (physical copies also include the digital version). If you have more cash to spend or are a retailer/reseller, you can also pick up multiple copies of the book at discounted rates. It’s also worth noting that there is no additional shipping charge, but shipping is limited to the US only.

Interested? You can check out the full Gemini Jump Indiegogo campaign page here.

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